Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Hartford Larrabee Fund serve??

In accordance with Major Larrabee’s intentions, we serve primarily women who live within the city limits of Hartford, CT.

Does the Hartford Larrabee Fund serve men??

Yes, we serve men who are either

  1. Sixty-five or over AND/OR

  2. Have a debilitating medical condition AND/OR

  3. Have minor children in their care.

What if I live outside the City of Hartford. Can you help me??

You can apply for assistance to the Greater Hartford Larrabee if you live in East Hartford, Bloomfield, Newington, Windsor, South Windsor, West Hartford or Wethersfield at

What kind of services does the Hartford Larrabee Fund provide??

We provide assistance for housing and supportive services:

  1. housing costs (rent, mortgage) which are in arrears

  2. security deposits

  3. utility bills (CNG, MDC, Eversource, and heating oil) which are in arrears

  4. specialized clothing and furniture in limited circumstances

  5. adult day care

  6. emergency response systems 

We rarely provide emergency services, such as meeting shut off deadlines or preventing evictions that are imminent.

What kinds of expenses are not eligible for Hartford Larrabee Fund assistance??

Hartford Larrabee Fund does not cover prescription drugs, medical or dental care, eye exams, eyeglasses or contact lenses, health insurance, or medical equipment. We do not assist with automobile or transportation expenses, credit card bills, daycare for children, or taxes of any kind. We no longer provide monthly stipends.

Are there income limits??

Yes, we use the income guidelines from the Connecticut Department of Social Services Monthly Median Income Guidelines. 

Are there dollar limits to the assistance??

Yes, and those limits change periodically based on our income. Always check the website for changes.

Where does the money come from??

The funds we distribute come from 3 sources: The Woodward Trust, the W.O. Burr Trust, and the Larrabee Trust. These funds are managed by the City of Hartford. The interest is combined, and distributed under the direction of the Hartford Larrabee Fund Association members.

How do I apply??

Individuals are not allowed to apply. Each applicant is referred to Hartford Larrabee Fund by an agency or religious institution. Agencies include the City of Hartford, United Way, St. Francis Hospital, CRT, DSS and many others. A person needing assistance can approach an agency with a request for assistance, and the agency decides if an application to Larrabee is appropriate. They then complete the required forms, verify the information in the application, attach supporting documents, and send all of that to us.

Do agencies have to do anything to be eligible to submit applications??

Agencies are required to submit an agency information form, and to update it yearly. Forms are available on this website.

Who is required to be listed on the application??

All adults in a household must be listed on the application with their information.

How often can someone receive help from the Hartford Larrabee Fund??

Members of a household can apply for assistance once in a 12 month period, for no more than three consecutive 12 month periods. Persons whose applications have been withdrawn are not considered to have applied. Persons whose applications are denied may reapply once before the 12 month period has expired.

What is the deadline for applying??

In order to be considered in a particular month, the application packet and all supporting documents must be received by the 15th of the month. The application packet should include the application checklist, the application, the agency cover letter, and only the documents requested.

What happens if I miss the deadline or my application is incomplete??

Applications received after the 15th of the month deadline are held for the following month's meeting. Incomplete applicatiions are denied and not returned.

Do you accept emergency applications??

Very rarely. When we do, the amounts available for assistance are much less than funds for those applications which use the regular process.

How often do you make decisions about applications??

The Hartford Larrabee Fund meets monthly on the last Tuesday of each month. Applications must be in by the 15th of the month, and go through an initial evaluation process before being submitted to the entire board. Applications received after the 15th of the month are retained for consideration the following month.

How will I know what the decision is, and when??

Letters are sent to agencies after the monthly meeting indicating the status of each application submitted. Letters usually reach agencies within 3-5 days. Letters are sent to the address provided on the cover letter. Applicants should ask their case manager or the person who wrote their cover letter for additional information.

If you grant assistance, when does it arrive??

If the information in the application is accurate, assistance usually reaches the creditor in 7-10 days.

Where do the checks go??

Assistance is sent to the creditor, i.e. the utility company, the landlord or mortgage company, vendor or adult day care facility. No funds are sent directly to the applicant.

What happens if the check does not arrive??

Sometimes checks are not cashed because they have gone to the wrong address, or have been inadvertently disposed of. If you have been notified that assistance has been granted, and the check has not reached the creditor within 10 days after the last Tuesday of the month, agencies should contact the Larrabee Fund treasurer Margaret Lewis or email . Applicants should contact the agency which sponsored their application. Checks which have not been cashed within 60 days receive a stop payment and will not be reissued except under extraordinary circumstances.